3-way TANGRAM for Business Intelligence

An emergency DSS-OLAP to handle hypercubes (Windows platform)

Dedicated to impatient executives who must have a job done by 5 p.m. ...

... and to clever business analysts who find that there is ample time.

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Installation readme
Download 3-way TANGRAM for Windows (Version 8.2 - 8 Mbytes - Includes User Manual and Tangram reader)
Download the Tangram reader (An Excel Add-on for accessing Tangram cubes)
- Executive Summary
Management presentation (English)
Management presentation (Italian)
Management presentation (French)
Sample screenshots
- Technical Documents
Sample output formats
TANGRAM's technical choices (pdf)
System limits and benchmark
Documentation of built-in graphic modules (pdf)
User manual (pdf - Version 7 - Italian) (This is for Version 7 users! New users should refer to Version 8)
- Theory and Manifesto
3-way TANGRAM Data Model (pdf)
The concept of a Self Help OLAP
TANGRAM's approach
- Support and Links
Submit your problem
Free licenses
Useful Links on OLAP

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